Monday, 13 March 2006

Marx and Venus and Bicycle Philosophy

I ride a bicycle and this is what I see. When you ride a bicycle (as opposed to driving a car) the world changes. Your approach to life changes. My approach to filmmaking changes. The body becomes a metaphor, the road - life - each hill an obstacle.

You are using your own power. You are thousands of years of human technology. You are losing fat, strengthening your muscles, heart, lungs, entire physical wellbeing.Problems dissolve. You de-stress.

Coffee at Just Espresso, Como

Coffee on the other hand freaks me out! It makes me anxious and very often I return home and do everything but work.

I was having coffee with a friend (Rob) this morning and we were talking about our work lives. Comparatively, we are extremely lucky. We work when we want and do what we want. We're not answerable to anyone because we have clients - not bosses.

Most people my age are paying mortgages and raising children - in jobs they don't particularly love. I don't feel the urge to do that and I'm not sure why. It seems . . . like a waste of time.

Why do you have children? Please. I'm not being facetious. Someone . . . leave a comment. Why did you choose to have kids? Was it a maternal drive? Is there such thing as a paternal drive? Is it the desire for immortality?

I'm doing frivolous stuff. Making short films, animations, websites and, hopefully, long films very soon. Doing whatever it is I love and making a living out of it.

Most people find their sense of self in the pursuit of the dollar. No money = insecurity for most people, it seems. Maybe you want what you have. Maybe you are happy.

Are you the happiest you could possibly be at this precise moment in time?

Please. Answer. Be anonymous.

I know that I am very happy - and free - to be able to ride - in any direction I want and with the choice of doing what I love. Make films, animation, write, construct websites. Most of that freedom is probably because I don't have kids. My will is my own.

As I rode my bike home the other day, I became excited. I was really keen to get back to my computer and code up the Bollinger website (nothing there, yet). It's a challenge - a new kind of code. I have to fit in with a highly customised template. It's nothing but a techno-nerd computer gig to most people. But I'm very keen to make my new template work.

Marx and Venus

When I get time, I write. I'm angling for a gig on Marx & Venus (SBS TV series) and I'm writing stuff with other writers. If our script is chosen, writers get $2,000. I suspect that there will also be about 2,000 entries.

Another filmmaker Lotto.

I'll let you know how things go.

In the meantime, try riding your bicycle to work. See how it affects your perception. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm I don't have kids but I do have a mortgage. How come you mentioned kids and mortgages but then only asked for comments about the kids?

Can we read between the lines and assume that

a. Your have a Mortgage too
b. You are loaded
c. Your screwed because you won't be able to move in with the kids.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, We had 2 kids and a mortgage,
I had my family when I was young, well young for today. Our children are grown up now and can like you do what they want. We do not have a mortgage now.
I am still young enough to do what I like. Your children although they grow up remain your children and you worry about them forever. Family is important, they are always there for you (well most families )friends come and go.

APFF said...

Call For Entries: Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival

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