Friday, 16 December 2005

9th Mumbai International Film Festival

I had to do a search on the internet. Nobody told me Bombay had changed its name to Mumbai.

From various sources on the internet: "The name comes from the name of one of the old Koli goddesses, Mumba Devi, a temple to whom now stands in Bhuleshwar. The name Bombay may have got attached to the British settlement as an English corruption of the Portuguese description of the harbour, Bom Bahia, meaning good bay."

So "A Stone Throw" has finally been accepted into a festival. Mumbai. It will screen in India next February. Which means I can now organise for a local screening. Cast and crew have been stopping me in the streets - as if the shoot was just a dream. At three days (and a hefty 3 months post-production) - it seems like a dream.

Since making the film, I've been putting my energy into Geoffrey - trying to get in a bit of cash. I'm doing a website and e-marketing campaign for Sue Taylor's feature Last Train to Freo (the link is to Taylor Media as the site ain't up yet).

We didn't get into Clermont-Ferrand. Maybe it was the 3629 other entrants! They selected 77 films - most of which were shot on 35mm.

Last thought: If I were an international film festival with 3630 registered film entries, I'd have some kind of quality assurance test in place. Films shot on 35mm look much better than films finished on tape. No matter what the content. Right?